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Women's Day Celebration and Inauguration of Computer Academy and Staff Room

19th March 2019 saw a magnificent Women's Day Celebration in the college auditorium of St. Aloysius College, Harihar. The programme sought to celebrate the lives of Municipality workers, Asha workers, women living in the vicinity of the college and mothers of the students who despite of their immense contribution are less recognised by the society they endeavour for.

The programme began at 10 AM and it was a privilege to have Dr. Isabella S. Xavier as our Chief Guest. Through her interactive session with the audience, she made them aware of their basic human rights and discussed with them issues that were concerned with women like human trafficking, forced labor, gender studies, discrimination of women in the society etc. The session proved to be a thought- provoking one leaving a deep impression in the minds of the audience.

Women's Day celebration was followed by the Inauguration Ceremony of Computer Academy and Staff Room. It was an honour to have Rev. Bishop Francis Serrao S.J, Fr. Maxim Rasquinha S.J, Sri Sri Veerendramahaswamiji, Smt. Lakshmi S. (Municipality Commissioner), Smt. Sujatha Revana Siddappa ( President of City Council), Smt. Sridevi Manjappa (President of Taluk Panchayat), Smt. R.L. Veena and Smt. Sujatha ( Principal of Giriamma PU College) for the occasion.

Fr. Maxim Rasquinha S.J has selflessly served the North Karnataka mission for the last twenty five years. He has been a source of strength and support to so many people especially the poor, marginalized and the needy. His contribution to education is monumental. Through his words, deeds, qualities of mind and heart, his personality and value system, he has touched the lives of large number of students, teachers and people in the missions he has served.

It was a pleasure to have Rev. Bishop Francis Serrao S.J., Bishop of Shimoga Diocese who happened to celebrate his fifth anniversary of being informed of the Episcopacy. Rev. Bishop Francis is known for his humane approach, friendly nature, love for the poor, capacity for hard work, interpersonal skills and administrative abilities. He comes across all who interact with him as a man full of love especially for the downtrodden and for the most neglected in the society. He has worked earnestly for the upliftment of women in the society. Above all, he has been a lovable person with rare qualities of genuine concern and empathy towards all.

The afternoon programme saw felicitation to all the guests followed by an inter-religious prayer and inauguration of Computer Academy and Staff Room. Then the dignitaries addressed the crowd, each stressing on the importance of women in our lives. Students performed various cultural programmes which further enriched the occasion. The main highlight of the day was when all the Municipality workers and Asha workers along with the Regional Officers were felicitated for their incredible contribution to the society. The presence of Municipality workers, Asha workers, mothers and Dignitaries coupled with the efforts of students and staff made the event a success.