Student Counsellors


Time:12:30pm - 1:15pm
Venue: Auditorium

Agenda of the meeting: Interaction with student council members

On 29/6/2019 (Saturday) at 12:30pm all the student council members along with the Principal of St. Aloysius College and the Principal of St. Aloysius PU College, and co-ordinators of student council members gathered in the auditorium for the month end meeting.

The meeting started-off with refreshments for the student council members. The meeting was initiated by Fr.Eric Mathias SJ by dividing the council members into 7 different groups.

Firstly, the students introduced themselves in the group, then they were asked to answer some of the questions which were asked by Fr. Eric Mathias SJ which went as follows-

Three things which they liked about the college.
On whole these are the answers which came up by the student council members:
Cultural events

Three things which can be done by the student council members for the betterment of the college. To this they replied,
Motivate the students to follow the rules and regulations of the college - Cleanliness, discipline, respecting each other, co-ordination between the students
Motivate the students to participate in all the college events
Development of infrastructure
Equality among the students
Encourage the sports
Improvise the students both in academics and social values

Three things that they can do for the society. They said,
Growing more trees
Help the poor
Awareness about quality education
Awareness about health care
Awareness about social issues
Awareness about cleanliness
Compassion service

On account of 450th birth anniversary of St Aloysius Gonzaga, what can be done for the needy? They replied,
Donating clothes and food
Organizing the medical camp
Collecting the fund from the college students and giving it to the needy
Providing education to poor children

All the opinions received by the student council members during the meeting were taken into consideration for the further development of the college.Duties were assigned to the student council members to maintain the discipline in college. In order to imbibe the leadership qualities, the management decided to take student council members for the leadership camp which will be held in St Aloysius College, Mangalore. With this, meeting was concluded.