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ST. Aloysius College, Harihar; organized a two days excursion for the students from 4th to 5th April 2019. The tour saw twenty seven students and four teaching staffs becoming a part of it. The entire tour was monitored by Mr. Mousin Ulla, Lecturer; the Department of Commerce.

The students and the staff hit the road at 4 AM on 4th April and headed towards Bangalore where they first visited Wonderla. Students had a fun-filled experience in and around the city the Bannerghatta Biological Park which proved to be knowledgeable and exciting at the same time. The most exciting part of the tour was visiting Snow City where everyone enjoyed snow under minus five degree Celsius. After this, everyone headed back safely to Harihar.

The entire tour went on very well. All who became a part of it were left with good memories to cherish and with cheerful hearts.