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"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation"

The program started with the dhyana which was conducted by Sowmya Clara the NCC minister followed by the Inter-religious prayer which was also conducted by the Cultural ministers Elveena Nazareth and Alwyn Vaz.

The Master of the ceremony was Tejaswini.A,the sports minister. The welcome speech was given by Rakshitathe House Minister, where she welcomed all the dignitaries on the Dias- Fr Felix Victor SJ, the resource person, Fr Eric Mathais SJ, the Superior, Mr Baptist Sunny Gudinho, the Principal, MrsPusphalathaUrs and MsPrincy Flavia Pinto, the Vice-Principals, Ms Vilisha Dsouza and Mr Mohsin Ulla Coordinators of Student' Council along with the president of the college MsAnkitha CM.The Programme was inaugurated by lighting the lamp. The principal Mr. Baptist Sunny Gudinho addressed the gathering. The spokesperson for the day was Rev.Fr.Felix Victor SJ,who is a counselor,philosopher,motivational speaker and more.He conducted the Ice-breaking session through the medium of games.

FIRST SESSION: The first session was about the problems faced by the youth these days.The problems highlighted were as follows:

Addiction,Sexuality, Dysfunctional family and many more.
This session helped the students to understand what should be done when they come across these kinds of situations.

SECOND SESSION:The second session was about "The seven habits of effective teens". In this session students learnt about the seven must have qualities of a leader which are as follows:

  • be proactive
  • begin with end in mind
  • put first things first
  • think win-win
  • seek first to understand then to be understood
  • synergize
  • sharpen the saw

The session ended with multiple intelligence activity.
SESSION THREE: The session was about "Role play" In this session, Students were divided into six teams and each team was given one topic as:

  • Ragging
  • Influence of politics in student life
  • Environmental issues
  • Love affairs
  • Addictions
  • Internet

Each group conveyed their message beautifully through short skits.

The day ended with a valedictory program in which the ministers shared their opinion about what they learnt in the leadership training. As a symbol of appreciation, leaders were awarded with the certificates and a speech of Thankyou was delivered by MsDeekshitha, the House Minister. The programme ended up by National Anthem.

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