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Report On Women Rights.

"Feminism isn't about making Women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength"

Women Empowerment is intertwined with Respect for Human Rights.

St. Aloysius P.U College, Harihar Strongly condemns Injustice done to women all around the world and stands strong by them. We are united for women rights and empowerment.

In accordance of this St. Aloysius P.U College, Harihar started an Online Petition To End The Right To Rape - India Stands Against Rape and Women Abuse.

This petition was started on 6 th of October to make our voice louder against the Women Abuse and Fight for Women Rights. So far there are about more than 400 people who have signed and also have shared it to maximum people.

The Main Aim of the petition is to make maximum people aware about the injustice done to the women and to let this reach the concerned authorities.

A petition was given to the Thalshildar officer of Harihar on 8 th of october requesting strict action to take against the injustice done to women.

A Webinar on Women Rights was held on 8 th of October to educate society and to transform it to be better in every way. The spokesperson comrade Vimala K.S Co- Founder of Akhila Bharata Janatavadi Mahila Sangatanya was introduced by our Moderator Ms. Princy Flavia and Mr. Pascal S.F Co-Ordinator of the Webinar.

The spokesperson Vimala K.S spoke about the women rights and how we can be the change to our society by educating people more about it. She also spoke about the injustice done to the women, female foeticide, rights and Laws made for women safety and to educate people about women rights and respect them.

This was followed by an Interaction session with the spokesperson and a vote of thanks was given by the moderator Ms. Princy Flavia wrapping up the webinar which instilled in everyone the right sense about the women rights and was brought to an end on a very positive note.