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Report on Birthday celebration of Mrs.PushpalathaUrs

A grand event of golden birthday of our vice Principal Mrs PushpalathaUrs Ma'am was celebrated on 28 September 2021 at 6:30 the quadrangle of our college. It was an ostentatious event to all of us .The event was compered by Sharon Ester of 2 PUC Science. An unceremonious welcome and preface in short was given by Emcee herself. The program started with a prayer song which was sung by the hostel girls made to sense the presence of God amidst us. The humorous and innovative welcome dance was performed by the hostel boys took us to the world of castle in the sky along with the welcome speech by Sahana of 2nd Science. The gathering commended with the applause while cutting of the cake by the birthday baby. A birthday song was also sung by hostel students to energize and invigorate the birthday lady. Keerthana and Christen of 2nd PUC science were more optimistic while sharing their opinions.

A grand felicitation was also given to our vice Principal by all the staff members along with Fr. Superior. Mr.Shivakumar sir threw in some implausible viewpoints on Ma'am. The Barbie dance by the hostel girls which boosted us all with their zest. Principal Sunny Gudinho sir also shared his feelings and insights on the event. At the end the birthday girl shared her opinion with us all. Finally Vote of thanks was rendered by Santholine of 2 Science. The program was concluded with the fellowship meal.