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PTA Meeting

St Aloysius College ,Harihar organized PTA meeting for the students of 1st and 2nd PUC on 4 October 2019.The programme began with a inaugural function followed by parent-teacher interactions .

The speaker for the day was Mr Mukund accompanied by Fr Eric Mathias Sj,Superior ,Fr Pradeep Sequiera SJ, Finance Officer ,MR Sunny Gudinho ,Principal PU College ,Mrs Pushpalatha Urs ,Vice Principal and the coordinators of the programme Ms Ramyashree and Ms Neelu

The day began by invoking Gods blessings ,followed by a general session on how the adolescent age works and what are the cautions and actions parents and teachers as well as students must make .

The speaker spoke on how childhood affects the young age ,how it influences ones personality ,how exposure to a certain atmosphere triggers the behaviour and how it shapes an individual in his or her own way .Parents mustn't scold their children always ,but they need to be good friends at this age so to as make the child feel wanted and accepted. The child's flaws shouldn't be taken as something that's too serious for anything major to be done .But it must be dealt with care and sympathy ,every responsibility must carry certain kind of freedom and within that freedom the child must be taught what's good and bad for him or her in the long run .The speaker was of strong thought that the parents in some way are responsible for whatever bad the child does,as an example he told how parents readily have given phones to their children ,who at present are always into an online game called PUBG, which is very much harmful for the atmosphere around and the child's self growth

The speaker advised the teachers to take responsibility of their class,train them to be good human beings and do well for themselves as well as others around them

For the students his only concern was how studious each students needs to be and what great things education can do for them. He narrated his own life story regarding how he scored well and what ate his achievements

Fr Pradeep Sequeira briefed the parents about how parent child relationship should be and how they need to focus on certain things as in personality development, self growth ,prioritizing their activities and so on

Fr Eric Mathias SJ addressed the parents about the happenings in the college and how it has shaped each students in the past four months

The session ended by thanking everyone ,which was followed by the parent teacher interaction

The parents showed various emotions as they saw the grades of their ward ,some were happy ,some sad ,some worried about their future, some had hopes they would do better and so on

The whole day was spent by the students visiting all their subject teachers and class guides for suggestions, improvements and other necessary actions that they need to take in future regarding their academics and also concerning their self growth in this college.