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MAGIS 2019

"For the greater glory of God". This was Ignatius's motto. He taught us that it is important for us not just to do good things, but to do them for the right reasons.

The Latin word Magis can be translated as 'more, better, fuller.' Saint Ignatius of Loyola used thus word to describe how authentic Christianity fosters a deeper connection with the Christ. Magis offers an opportunity to share a unique experience based on three levels like Individual growth, relationship with god and Intercultural dialogue. The students of various zones from Karnataka had come to attend in three-day Magis 2019 event. The venue of Magis is Shrine of Our Lady of Health, Harihar. The registration began at 8:30 which was followed by the inauguration. Band along with NCC and all the students escorted the guests towards the platform. The chief guest for the day was Rev. Fr Melwyn D'Cunha SJ Rector of St Joseph's College Bangalore. President Rev.Fr.Francis Menezes SJ Mission Superior of Mundagod, Fr Eric Mathias SJ superior and principal of St Aloysius college Harihar, Fr Prashanth D'Souza SJ chairman of Magis 2019, Fr Joy Rodrigues SJ youth coordinator of Bengaluru, Fr Pradeep Antony SJ youth coordinator of Mangalore.

Students of St Aloysius college Harihar welcomed the gathering through a welcome dance followed by Prayer song. Magis 2019 was inaugurated by lighting the Lamp. Mr Sunny Gudino principal of St Aloysius PU college delivered the welcome speech. Fr Pradeep Antony SJ addressed the gathering where he highlighted the Magis circle which is composed of five steps. Ms Shobha Monis Lecturer of English at St Aloysius college delivered the Vote of Thanks.

The hall was then opened for the spiritual renewal which began at 11:30 by Fr Richard Quadros. Delicious meal was arranged for the gathering. After the one hour of Lunch break the next session began at 2:00 pm. Confessions lasted for 3 hours. Students from different parts of the state came forward in order to confess. After the spiritual renewal the students were left for a thirty minutes tea break followed by Inner Healing Session which began at 5:00 pm. At 6:00 pm the Sacred Eucharist was celebrated by the Arch Bishop of Davangere Most Rev.Dr.Francis Serrao SJ.

The most awaited session of the day the Ice Breaking Session was conducted by Rev. Fr Vincent Pereira SJ and team. Students were divided into groups and their inner talents were brought out by conducting various events including Dance, Music and games. The session began at 7:00 and ended at 8:30 followed by Dinner. The day ended with the Magis Circle. Magis circle helps the students to build a stronger community by sharing common fears, joys and questions. Students from different zones were divided into groups and they were asked to speak about their perspectives of the day's events through rounds of discussion. Students shared their experience and satisfaction and happiness could be seen on their faces. The Magis Circle was the highlight of the day and with this the first day of Magis came to an end.

The fundamental idea of Magis is that we try to do the more, the better, the greater, for God. The second Day of Magis began at 7am with a Sacred Eucharist. All the students gathered before 7am in order to be part of holy Mass. The highlight for the day was Rally on the concern for our Mother earth which began at 9:45 am from the church campus. All the students as well as priests and teachers took part in the rally. The students carried different slogans on the importance of Mother Earth and about the ways in which we can save our earth. The main aim of the rally was to make aware of the people about the importance of mother Earth. And some of the slogans acted as a mirror towards the society regarding their nastiness and tried to tilt their minds by saying what we need to do to protect and care about our mother earth. The rally was from Church to Stadium. Hundreds of people were gathered in the stadium and on this occasion Shri Sharadeshanandha Swami from Vivekananda Mata addressed the gathering which was followed by Fr Antony peter's speech. students reached back the church at 1pm. Delicious Lunch was arranged for all. Afternoon session began with Magis circle where all the students actively participated. Students from different zones were divided into groups where they got a chance to meet and share their experience with new faces. Magis circle began with a moment of silence and reflection. They were not just groups; within a short period of time they felt like a family. All the students literally enjoyed the Magis Circle. The most awaited part of the day the cultural program began at 8:30 after the Dinner. The students were thrilled to show up their talents. The hall then witnessed variety of entertainments like Songs, Dance, Skit, comedy etc. Even though cultural events are a source of Entertainment, students tried to deliver valuable messages through Dance and Skit. The program ended at 10pm where all the students dispersed with a heart full of Joy.

The final Day of Magis began at 9 am. The Guest for the day was Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ Rector of St Aloysius college. The morning session was by Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ. Mr Hanumantharaya ,IPS, SP of Davangere addressed the students, where he spoke about various examination specially IAS and IPS examination which was followed by Dr Isabella's Speech. Dr Isabella narrated her own life experience where she fought against all the consequences all by herself. Dr Isabella's speech was a motivation for all the students present there. She gave a message to the students; to be strong and should not fear about anything and finally to never step back. After enjoying the Lunch there was an examination of the three-day program. Students were divided into groups and asked them to share their experience in the camp and also about what they learned from Magis. During the Valedictory some students were asked to come forward and to share their experience. It was crystal clear from the words of the students that they enjoyed as well as learned a lot from Magis. Wide smile could be seen on the faces of the students. Fr Eric Mathias SJ Superior and Principal of St Aloysius college delivered the vote of thanks. All the coordinators as well as all the helping hand was called upon the stage. All the lecturers of St Aloysius College who worked as coordinators and also all the priest and all the students who have worked day and night was thanked on the stage. With this Magis 2019 came to an end where all the students parted with heavy heart and with a hope that they will meet again.