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The 2nd PUC students' farewell ceremony took place at St. Aloysius P.U. College Harihar on January 10, 2023. Along with the large celebration, the welcoming of the departing students was done in a fantastic way. The interreligious prayer opened the programme. The performance included captivating dance that raised the degree of beauty, and a skit based on the emotions of the pupils was also displayed through a dramatic act. Following the first PU's opinion, students also sang farewell songs. The second years also discussed their time at the college by sharing their feelings; many of them felt that their time here was joyful and enjoyable. The students were amused by playing the games as well.

Speaking on the students, Principal Mr. Sunny Gudihno remarked that they are treasures who, no matter what they do, do it with great heart and bring honour to the school. They have made our college well-known in many sectors, particularly in the cultural, sports, and academic etc. Additionally, all students are urged to always remember the college's teachings, beliefs, and visions and to work in accordance to them.

The institution also recognised its finest students of the year on this significant occasion. To ensure that the memories would survive them until the end, each and every second-year student received a keepsake of the class's photography. The management also served the departing pupils a delectable dinner. Finally, the youngsters requested the teachers' blessings, bringing the programme to a close.