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Building Bridges: School and Family Outreach by St. Aloysius PU College Harihar.

The management and staff of St. Aloysius PU College Harihar, under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Eric Mathias SJ, Rev. Fr. Antony Raj, Rev. Fr. Vinod AJ SJ, and Rev. Fr. Avinash Lobo SJ, launched an impactful School and Family Outreach Programme.

This initiative aimed to empower and motivate youth for a brighter future, fostering collaboration beyond educational boundaries. Activities included dedicated school visits, connecting with students to encourage academic excellence and personal growth.

Family visits strengthened bonds between the college and students' families, contributing to holistic student development. The program's focus on mutual relationships created a sense of community, benefiting the educational journey of the students.

In conclusion, St. Aloysius PU College's initiative, led by its dedicated management and staff, exemplifies a commitment to community development. Through active engagement with schools and families, the program successfully empowers the youth, reinforcing the college's role as a guiding force in their educational journey.

Report by Sr. Rose James