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Spandana Outreached programme held on 25 th August 2023


The II year Arts and commerce students visited Shri Shakti old age home on the 25th of August as part of their Spandanaoutreach programme. The main objective of the visit was to get to know that the despite so much education still families throw the elderly out of their houses. The students were warmly welcomed by the co-coordinator and allowed us to interact with the inmates. He briefed us that there are 70 inmates in the Ashram. The Ashram is well maintained by the administrators of Tapovana medical college.

The students by and large were engaged in one to one interaction with the elderly people. There were three wards for the inmates. Gents, Ladies and couple ward. The students were encouraged by the coordinator to ask the causes for their abandonment. He said this would make them realize the importance of relationships in the families. But we felt a bit hesitant to ask such personal questions.

The students were greatly touched and affected by the various stories that they heard. Many were really shocked to know the events which led the inmates to come to that place. The students also saw a few people weeping and waiting for their children and grand children to visit them. It was on the whole a wonderful programme where the students got to know the reality of life and how families treat their members.

Students' reactions:
One student said that he doesn't understand how children can become so hard hearted that they abandon their own parents and don't even come to visit. It's really a sad thing to know that parents sacrifice so much to raise the children but children in the end forget the parents.

Another student said that she had lost her Grandmother due to Covid. This visit helped her to interact with so many elderly ladies which brought all her memories with Grandmother. She said that Grandmothers are full of love. But it's difficult to know why the families have deserted them and are struggling here.

Another student said that he is lucky to have good family. He would never abandon any of his family members. He said that while interacting with the inmates he found that they want their children and grand children back but they are waiting without hope.