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Harmony of Heritage: St. Aloysius PU College Harihar's 75th Republic Day Extravaganza!,January 26th,2024.

In a spirited celebration blending patriotism and cultural finesse, St Aloysius PU College, Harihar, marked the 75th Republic Day with profound moments.

The articulate masters of ceremonies, Janavi and Meshel, gracefully navigated a program seamlessly intertwining tradition and modernity. NCC Cadets, led by Preetam, poignantly escorted dignitaries to the heart of the celebration.

National pride resonated as Mr. Manjunath and Dr. Raghavendra unfurled the tricolor, accompanied by a symbolic floral homage from all luminaries. Averenni and her team crafted unity through an inter-religious prayer, fostering a collective sense of reverence. In her warm welcome, Riza Kouser encapsulated the occasion's ethos. Varsha Choudhary, the student orator, eloquently expressed Republic Day's significance.

The spotlight then shifted to Mr. Raghavendra, a luminary in the medical realm, enriching the celebration with intellectual depth.

The event concluded with a resonant presidential address by Father Vinod, emphasizing collective responsibility in nation-building. Saniya D, in her heartfelt vote of thanks, expressed gratitude for an event that transcended mere commemoration, reflecting the institution's commitment to intellect, cultural refinement, and allegiance to our nation's ideals.

Report by Miss. Jyothi Gupta (Faculty)