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Esperanza Euphoria: A Grand Finale of Farewell Emotions and Celebrations at St. Aloysius P U College, Amaravathi, Harihar !

The farewell party at St. Aloysius P U College in Amaravathi, Harihara Esperanza, was a grand culmination of emotions, memories, and celebrations.

The event took place in the Quadrangle, and the clock struck 9:10 AM on the 3rd of February 2024, marking the beginning of a day filled with heartfelt farewells and reminiscences. The festivities kicked off with a warm and vibrant welcome orchestrated by Juniors Janavi and her team. With flowers in hand and music filling the air, they set the stage for what promised to be a memorable occasion. MCs Jerusha and Chris took the reins next, introducing the various segments of the program with flair and enthusiasm, ensuring a seamless flow throughout the event.

The significance of diversity and unity was beautifully highlighted in the interreligious prayer led by Preetam and his team. The prayer set a contemplative atmosphere, reflecting the inclusive spirit of the college community. Joyston, in his welcome speech, added a personal touch to the event by extending warm greetings to everyone present. His words served as a prelude to the speeches that followed, particularly the insightful reflections shared by President Muskan and Gurunath on their unique experiences and growth during their college years.

Certificates, symbols of hard work and dedication, were then distributed to deserving individuals. Ms. Jyothi honored the Student Council members, while Mr. Abdul recognized the achievements of the NSS students. The dedication of NCC participants was acknowledged by Mr. Nagesh, and Mrs. Shameem distributed certificates commemorating Voters Day and Martyr Day.

The program then took a lively turn with a mesmerizing dance performance by Ritika and her team, presenting a vibrant remix of Bollywood hits. The energy in the Quadrangle soared as the audience was treated to an artistic expression of joy and camaraderie. Principal Pushpalatha, in her speech, envisioned new adventures for the departing students, emphasizing the importance of embracing the unknown with courage and resilience .

The drama on the theme of motherhood, performed by Annamma and her team, brought tears and laughter, illustrating the profound impact of maternal love. Mr. Abdul returned to the stage for the award distribution ceremony, recognizing individuals who had excelled in different positions. The Boys Dance by Ashwin and his team brought the Quadrangle to life with their dynamic Bollywood performance, captivating the audience with their skill and enthusiasm.

As the event approached its emotional climax, Mr. Santosh took the stage for the distribution of momentos, encapsulating class memories in frames that would forever remind the departing students of their time at St. Aloysius P U College. Fr. Eric Mathias SJ, the esteemed Principal, delivered a speech resonating with values that the college held dear. His words were a reminder of the institution's commitment to nurturing not just academic excellence but also character and integrity.

The Farewell Party concluded on a gracious note with Ms. Deekshita expressing heartfelt thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that went into making the event a resounding success. As the students bid their final farewells, the Quadrangle echoed with the laughter, applause, and a profound sense of camaraderie that defined the spirit of St. Aloysius P U College.

Report by Ms Jyothi Gupta V(faculty)