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Report on Debate Competition

Date: 08/07/2023
“Power to the voice is Power to the People”
Theme: "Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?"

St. Aloysius PU College, Harihar, organized a Debate competition on the theme "Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?" on 7th July 2023. The event took place at the Ground Floor Auditorium from 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM and was open to all students of our college. The competition was successfully coordinated and arranged by Rose James and Jyothy Gupta.

The primary objective of conducting this debate competition was to develop and enhance the public speaking skills of the participating students, encouraging them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The event served as a platform for a diverse range of opinions, thoughts, and perspectives, enriching the students' knowledge and understanding of the topic "Artificial Intelligence."

The competition commenced with each participant voicing their views on Artificial Intelligence. The points presented by the students were received with enthusiasm, receiving cheers and applause from the audience. Several arguments presented during the event were thought-provoking, offering new insights into the topic. The room was brimming with talent, and the exchange of perspectives on the merits and demerits of Artificial Intelligence made the competition highly engaging and interesting.

The judging panel for the event comprised of Mr. Nadeem Ulla and Rose James, who assessed the participants' performances and arguments.

Overall, the Debate Competition on the topic "Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?" was a resounding success, providing a platform for students to express their views, learn from each other, and further develop their oratory skills.
Report written by:
Rose James from English department.